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Thread: Magic mushrooms

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    Sounds like increased spasticity is common for some people regardless of SCI level. Interesting. I wonder why? I'm curious to check the known compounds and see if something present makes sense as a cause.

    James: AD is more common for higher injuries but can occur with lower thoracic injuries as well. At T12 I've experienced it a few times over 10 years.

    FWIW, I highly discourage using full-blown psychedelic hallucinagens as "social" or "party" drugs. Taking them then going "out on the town" is the basis of 99% of the bad trip horror stories I know about (which is a lot). The experiences triggered by these substances are very dependent on set and setting, and chaotic or unfamiliar settings can quickly feed the worst types of outcomes.

    My best 'shroom trips have occurred lying comfortably on my couch in silent darkness (with a trusted and well experienced "sitter" near by).
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    Talking about mushrooms made me tell the story. Never ate them after my injury , another friend is a quadriplegic and did not had any adverse spasticity or autonomic dysreflexia when he ate them.

    What we used to do is go out to the cow pastures in the morning and get the mushrooms, put them in a blender add a little Hawaiian Punch and that you drink a Dixie cups of it. it tasted like what a grew out of.... Then we smoked a joint to get the taste out of your mouth.

    Everybody would be happy and talking and seeing all the pretty colors and tracers. Then after a couple hours everybody would go off on their own.

    The next time I saw this guy whose house I was tripping at I was at the University Konstance in Germany and he knocked on my dorm room door. It is really weird to see somebody from my little town in Florida and then a little town on the Swiss Austrian German border. Talk about a flashback!

    Another time we needed a place to go so we went to the Air Force Base which didn't have fence. There is a place called the survival area basically picnic ground. We got out of my car and walked around the place and when we got back there was an MP Jeep, engine running with no one in it parked by my car.

    We got back in my car and drove out which means we had to drive at the end of the flight line and when we got to the stop sign at the end somebody cut us off by pulling in front of us. He came up to my window aand says that MP wants to talk to you and we could see the red lights flashing, coming out of the survival area.

    I looked up guy in said "I really don't want to talk to them" he said "okay, no problem" and we drove off the base. Strange things happen when you're tripping.

    Still with nowhere to go finally ended up at the beach, crawled up on the pier (what remained of it, there were only two crossbeam the left) and watched the sunrise.

    Those were in the days of my youth I would be scared to do it today. Very glad I experienced it but did not abuse it.

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    I used to love mushrooms back in the day I could go out and do stuff on them, unlike acid where I pretty much stayed inside with the shades drawn the whole time. After a certain point with my degenerative condition and other shit happening in life I decided not to do that anymore, I have a hard enough time keeping my head above water with no substances in my system.

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    Find your less likely to have a bad trip if done in the daytime

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