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Thread: Computer TV Card

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    Computer TV Card

    With the demise of Windows Media Center am looking for a new TV tuner card with software that will give me a TV Guide.

    What are you all using and what would you recommend?


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    This is what I decided to get and it works fine

    Hauppauge 1229 WinTV-HVR-2255 White Box for System Builders Dual Hybrid PCI-E TV Tuner Board
    by Hauppauge

    Price: $99.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members

    PCI-E TV Tuner Board
    Compatible with 32 bit and/or 64 bit Windows 7
    Watch record and pause TV on your PC
    ATSC Clear QAM Digital TV up to 1080i
    Vista Compatible

    Product Description
    The 1229 from Hauppauge is a HVR-2255 Media Center Kit Bundle. It is a PCIe TV Tuner board with dual (two) hybrid tuners. Both tuners have analog and digital reception that allows recording of two channels at the same time. Each tuner has hardware MPEG2 encoding for recording analog channels. Each tuner has ATSC clear QAM for receiving digital cable TV channels. Watch and record two channels of analog cable TV or ATSC high definition (HD) TV on your PC. Compatible with Vista Home Premium or Ultimate and XP Media Center Edition. This product does not come with a remote control.

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    You can also get an HDhomerun Prime which is a 3Tuner DVR. Programs that You can use are the XBMC replacement called Kodi, Media Portal, MythTV, All of those will do live TV. You can also get a Ceton Infinity 6 tuner card with a cable card which will record up to six channels at one time, although they are expensive. Also another option is get a TiVo, I have the Series 4 Which is wonderful along with the HD Homerun I get 5 channels To record!

    You can always check out alternativeto Which has a good list of media Center replacements
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