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Thread: Sun Rim spoke

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    Sun Rim spoke

    I am in need of a Sn Rim spoke. I am not sure if they make different types, but mine is the rim that has the thick spokes where there is about a third of the spokes as a regular rim.
    I have lost one not keeipng an eye on the screw and it obviously fell out.
    This is causing the wheel to not ride straight and the brakes to not work as well.
    Carelinc, the place that I purchased the WC said that they have contacted all their sources and have not been able to find one.
    They said that they can order me a whole new rim which sounds silly.
    Looked on ebay too with no luck.
    If you have one or know where I can get one please let me know.

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    This may sound odd but have you asked a local bicycle shop what they would recommend? I have Sun rims on my manual chair and when they need attention they go to the bike shop.

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    That would be the next step. Just figured someone here had a rim. Thanks

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