Hello everyone.

I'm not sure where to post this message so moderator may move my post if this place is not correct.

My son, Martin, was in an accident in april 2009, two weeks before his 15th birthday (he's now age 21). He fell of a dirt bike the first time trying with the result of hitting his head into a concrete element. Martin got a fracture on his cranium resulting a brain injury along side paralyzing breaks in is neck (he's classified C2).

Because of his head injury he's very limited because of pain, pain seizures and stress with sounds and movement. In addition he struggles with short term memory. He's complex situation is making him bound to his bed only getting out for care or very short time in his chair. I'll share more details if necessary.

We've provided Martin with a special computer setup that makes it possible for him to have some contact (e.g. special screen not triggering to much pain and seizures).

I'm lokking for stable and patient people (maybe in similar situation) that can chat or email with him on a regular basis. This will make his days more valuable and will for sure enrich his life quality.

I hope for a positive response.


PS! We live in Oslo, Norway.