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Thread: Seeking friends for my son

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    Hello there I just saw this and I'd be glad to befriend someone in need. I'm a t-4 and I been riding all my life. I love in California USA anyways I'm here

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Good. I have my suspicions about another recent poster. That's why I asked.
    You're not alone, The emails gave me a strange vibe, his writing is just off not in the sense that it's a obvious disability but that it's almost acted. It's for one strange that of all people on the fourm she reached out to me and confirmed that she has read my posts, thought that I was perfect to talk to him . I reached out to Martin I was genuinely concerned, first thing that comes up is that he wants to die he doesn't like this life, he doesn't want to ask for help. Then the induced coma. A kid that is unable to sleep, can't go out in the sun , Paralyzed totally and ventilator dependent, but still has enough brain functions tell me of all people that he wants to die. The exact person that has expressed numerous times my strong feelings and opinions on living with disabilities that leaves no Independence, little dignity,cA complete lack of quality of life and then congratulated when we lowered to those parameters. I was having a major internal battle, thinking how wrong thesituation was, and how I should respond to it. then I reached out to you you pointed out something so I started to look at it differently numerous red flags

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    I would be very careful .. there are complete freaks out there. I've seen documentaries where people from all over the world will try and convince others to end their lives for ... ? Enjoyment? Satisfaction? Because they're freaks? They get in there, make friends, commiserate and then make a pact, but not follow through.

    Not insinuating that this is the case here ... but the story just didn't seem straight with me. When there are too many disabilities, illnesses, tragedies to garner attention involving children ... you suggest some solutions and for some reason none of them will work ... red flag. There is such a serious tragedy and they have time to 'chat' on the internet? Red flag.

    My mother spent weeks dying from kidney failure due to chronic complications of diabetes ... not once in that time did I think to hop on the internet and ask questions in a diabetic forum from complete strangers. Just sayin.

    PM'ing people who didn't respond in this thread but multitudes of people on the site otherwise .. seemed ... weird. Attention seeking.

    I could go on but won't.

    Again, not saying that's the case here ... just be careful out there.
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