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Thread: Happy Birthday Nurse KLD!!

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    Happy Birthday Nurse KLD!!

    Happy Birthday, thanks for all you do!!!

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    Senior Member Timaru's Avatar
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    Hampshire, England.
    Many happy returns and tight lines!

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    A very happy birthday to you, KLD!
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Happy Birthday!
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Happy Birthday KLD. You are a super fantastic person, and I hope you have a great day. You help so many people here, including us many times. Thank you.
    Partner of an incredible stroke survivor. Limitations: hemiparesis and neglect (functional paralysis and complete lack of awareness on one side). Equipment: TiLite ZRA 2 and 2GX, Spinergy ZX-1, RioMobility Firefly. Knowledge: relative newbie for high-level equipment (2012), but willing to try to help others who are new with similar limitations (definitely not a guru, but inquisitive).

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    Have a great day and thank you!

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    KLD - thank you personally for your amazing perspective and help for me. I can think of three episodes over the past five years when I sought advice and got the right kind from you.
    Happy Birthday.

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    Thank you all so much!


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    KLD - thanks so much for the help you provide all of us. Happy Birthday.
    T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003

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    Best Happy Birthday Wishes from GJ and NL!

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