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Thread: Getting automobile gas?

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    Balance with walker is fine. Endurance is issue. I was hospitalized 5+ years with my mess. That cost me a ton of strength and coordination. Slowly putting back together. I may even at some point see if I can do it using only walker from driver seat. Been working on the those deficiencies, but really no way to just buy that stuff.

    Are you still able to load nozzle into vehicle and lock so that gas flows? And then it auto-open when full? This would allow if using walker, me to just sit while fuel going in.

    I can probably even stand using 1 arm/hand for balance and other control pump. I think there is a lot of try different and see what works best.

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    Yeah, you can lock nozzle to full or half flow and it automatically stops when full. Usually you swipe credit card right at pump, the screen flashes an authorization to select fuel grade, remove nozzle from pump, and then to begin pumping. Usually, when the nozzle does auto shut off and you replace it in the rack the screen will ask if you want a receipt and you select yes or no options.

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    Thanks for description. My accident was 2002. That was last time I drove a car.

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    All sam clubs and Costco's have attendants.

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    I look for gas stations that do not have the pumps on a raised island (most of the gas stations around here have the pumps on the same level as the pavement, but I suspect that in the East many pumps are still on raised islands). I pull up to a pump that is not in the sun, if possible (sun shining on the display makes it very hard to read from a lower height), and leaving enough room between the car and the pump for the wheelchair.

    I get the chair out of the car and go around to the filler side. If I can't read the display due to the height or the angle, I ask someone else who is pumping gas to help me read it - I prefer not to give a stranger my credit or debit card. I put my credit card away securely (zipped bag under my chair) before pumping the gas. I take the gas cap out and put it on my lap before lifting the nozzle up. Like lynnifer, I hold the nozzle out away from my body as I pivot the chair to insert the nozzle in the tank. Stick the nozzle in the tank, squeeze the handle and lock it. Wait for the pump to shut off automatically. Pull the nozzle out carefully without dripping on myself. Pivot back to the pump to reseat the nozzle. Put the gas cap back in securely. Get back in the car.

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    I park my car at an angle so that the gas cap is near the pump and there is enough room for me to get my chair out of the car. Pump hoses are pretty long so you I leave a couple feet between the island and the car. Then I just open the door, pull the wheelchair out of the passenger seat, put on wheels, cushion. Close door and pump gas. Sometime the screen is too high to read so I go for the pay inside option otherwise just pay with my debit card.

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