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Thread: Trauma of lower spine

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    Trauma of lower spine

    Dear Community,
    I hope someone can give me tips on how to proceed with my situation. ( excuse my grammar, i'm from germany)
    Almost 1 month ago someone pressed his fist against my low back very firmly..having a lordosis in my lumbar region and sometimes back pain before the event, i think that it was enough to damage something.
    Here's what i observed the following days and weeks.
    I had back pain several days, and the injury site still hurts, even with light touch sometimes.
    I started having constipation, not severe, but the Volume of the bowel movement was very little.
    My anal sphincter has lost some tone and anal sensations mostly gone, though i can sense if its gas or a bowel movement coming.
    I noticed i dont have an real urge to urinate, though before the incident, i had to go more often than average...i urinate when i feel like im full, but theres no real urge to go.
    I noticed difficulties in erectile function...i can orgasm and ejaculate a little bit...but my penis is not anywhere as hard as before and Sensation is greatly reduced.
    I always had very tight hip flexors, but now it seems like theyre not there, my gait has changed.
    My leg muscles got really weak the last weeks, i lost about 11lbs.
    i tried to get into hospital, but since motor function was not really damaged, they didnt keep me, rather told me to go to my doc, and he just ordered a blood test for this week, which has nothing to do with my Problem i guess. So i'm tyring to get mrt done as soon as possible, though this can take weeks.

    After reading through the net and this forum, i guess it is a problem of the nerve roots.
    Can someone please tell me their opinion on which Segments would be involved.
    My biggest concern at the moment is: will i be able to walk in the future? Most of the people here in the forum seem to have trouble walking since the injury, in my case it seems like an progressive problem, im frightened that the damage of the hip flexors or other muscles can mess up my lower body in the next time.
    Any recommendations about how i can minimize damage and what you would do in my situation would be really appreciated..
    I live in the north of germany, do you know any experts in the region?

    Thank you

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    There are many good neurologists and neurosurgeons in Germany. You need to push your physician to refer you to one (I assume with your healthcare system you cannot see one without a referral from your primary care physician??).

    If is possible that you have some sort of bone or disk injury that is compressing your cauda equina (the nerves inside your spinal canal below the actual spinal cord). Typically though you would have more problems with movement of your ankle with this type of injury than with your hip muscles which are innervated much higher in the spinal cord. An MRI or at least a regular Xray of your back is needed.


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    Thank you for your quick answer.
    I think you can just go to a neurologist here, i will try to get my MRT this week and then as soon as possible a neurologist appointment.

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    Hello again,

    i got my MRI results and also went to see a neurosurgeon. He said he rarely sees such a healthy looking spine and wide spinal canal as mine. So there is no neurosurgical indication.
    Mr. Wise wrote in a post that some Conus Injuries show no pathology on MRI, so how exactly is the diagnosis made?
    I have an appointment with a neurologist next month and would like to know that beforehand.

    I dont have serious symptoms relatively speaking, but my body changed significantly after the trauma. i get erections now, but the underside (corpus spongiosum?) and glans stay soft most of the time. While erect, some muscle between my testicles and anus gets very tight. Also the urge to urinate or defacate is still diminished significantly . Plus the musculutare of my lower body, especially of the hips changed to a visible extend. Also my feet tend to get very cold.

    I am really hoping that its all an pelvic floor problem, especially since I read an article featuring Dr. Irwin Goldstein, where he describes a patient that had pelvic spasms after a back injury which caused erectile dysfunction and leg numbness. The specific erectile dysfunction seems to be caused by pelvic floor spasms in a lot of people.

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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    Did the neurosurgeon do any examination of your sensation or movement? Of your anal sphincter? Ask about your bladder and bowel function? You may need to see a neurologist, who would do some additional tests to make an actual diagnosis.


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    I told him about the changes in bladder and bowel function. He did not examine me, he looked at the MRI and since there was no sign of an injury, he told me he can?t do anything about it as a neurosurgeon.
    How is the anal sphincter examined correctly?

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    He should have put on a glove and some lubricant, inserted one finger into your rectum, and asked you to voluntarily squeeze his finger with your external anal sphincter muscle. He should have also assessed the sensation right next to your anus with a pin and cotton wisp, and done the same with your genitals and legs.


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    Okay so i will make sure the neurologist will do this, thank you.

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