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Thread: what to do?

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    what to do?

    What can I do when any one Injured By Brain or stroke?

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    Not sure what you are asking. If you are the person's friend, go visit them. Help them do what they cannot do for themselves. Help their family too. If you can take care of their yard, watch their pets, babysit, do chores or grocery shopping for them, then do it. Don't wait to be asked. Don't drop your friend from your life just because they have an injury and may be different now.

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    I want to ask that ,when my family member or friend causes in brain or stroke what can I do immediately.

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    Get them to a hospital or emergency room ASAP.


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    Like KLD said, get them to a hospital or emergency room immediately. Do not delay for any reason.

    Here are some links:
    Partner of an incredible stroke survivor. Limitations: hemiparesis and neglect (functional paralysis and complete lack of awareness on one side). Equipment: TiLite ZRA 2 and 2GX, Spinergy ZX-1, RioMobility Firefly. Knowledge: relative newbie for high-level equipment (2012), but willing to try to help others who are new with similar limitations (definitely not a guru, but inquisitive).

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