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Thread: Life pictures

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    There is a local dogwood festival and I look foerward to it every year. In my minds eye
    I see an image that I have tried to capture for decades but nere quit works, perhaps this year.
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    Infrared birds rock and grass

    enjoy -ket
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    My favorites are Orange and Doorway, but all are stunning. Good luck with the selection process!

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    Savannah is one of my favorite cities to visit. The first time we drove down for a week, we listened to "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" on the way, and had soaked up quite a bit of the spirit of the city, and did not wander around aimlessly.
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    Tonight, on a whim, I came online to Carecure. I especially liked Eucalyptus leaves (post # 53). It works for my mood right now.

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    Waveny cottage, trumpet flowers I believe. -ket
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    Cottage, Southbury CT

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    Infrared Iron fence and leaves, SC

    Hope you like it.
    love you all -ket
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    Arret! Quebec street corner.
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    Having a great day

    Ever have one of those days when your life just feels right, a deep sense of peace and ease with everything? That is my day today.
    I made this image a long time ago and as I sat looking at the water lillies, a passerby commented to thier friend "he's likly waiting for the perfect light" and while light is important to me, I was just lost in the beauty of that little miscrocosm of the universe,
    I hope you like it.

    warmly -ket
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