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Thread: Life pictures

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    Happy New Year!
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    peace -ket
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    rough run

    Feeling sorry for myself today. Problems with my intrathecal pump, it's failing 2nd one in 4 years. Seems I went into withdrawal this weekend when the pump didn't deliver the meds. So on top of everything i had severe spasticity issues, BP went through the roof.
    As I said self pity party.
    MRI the doc was happy she said great news your spine continues to deteriorate byt slower than expected and nothing new is broken. meanwhile the MRI details the nightmare from the C2-3 fusion down to S1, I shouldn't exagerate T1-3 are fine.
    They've added some oral meds til they figure out if it is really the pump or the cath moved or???
    Pic is how I feel about my body today. -ket
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    IR Sunrise

    Thursday's Love Letter. Infrared Sunrise
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    Beaufort SC

    enjoy -ket
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    Biltmore conservatory

    enjoy -ket
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    Beautiful, my wife and I are heading down to Columbus, GA during spring break. We are planning on spending a day at the Biltmore Estate on the way down, as well as visiting Brasstown Bald in North Georgia.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
    T3 ASIA A 26 years post injury

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    Sunday's love letter

    Hey Donno enjoy Biltmore it's lovely.
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    Hang in there, it can only get better. Love the photos!

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    Colorado IR

    Thanks for the kind words Triumph.

    Tres Amigos enjoy -ket
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