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Thread: Life pictures

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    Your photos really hit the spot for me. Thank you.

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    nice pictures and yes I have a relative in the media profession seems its now 0k to do post exposure work where it used to be kind of frowned upon, not any more.

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    Your pictures are breathtaking. I don't know what to say about the rest. Salutes to your spirit and hugs to your soul.

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    42 - 42 1/2 Haute Quebec

    made me chuckle

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    orchids -- last for a bit

    The last for a while.

    Not sure how long, hopefully not long. The kitty has a date wit a surgeon on Friday at 6:30AM. Tonight I
    will put things away for another day. They tell me 4-5 days. Once they told me I'd be fine and I rolled out weeks later.
    A simple surgery by my/our terms a double hernia, inguinal and surgical where I'd been put back together before.

    Surgeon, pre exam, say no worries laparoscopy, you be up in a day, has me undress, says sweet mother of Jesus you look
    like you've been through a war. I said DUH. finishes the exam, tells me my prostate is great but my insides are torn up and I
    won't like him for a few weeks.

    Okay needing sympathy but time to move on.

    I love orchids. a fave. Hope it hasn't been up before.

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    last one for a while

    another orchid

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    home, rose

    I'm home today. Surgery went very well. They forewarned me about pain, I had an inguinal/surgical hernia. took a little
    while to sort. So the pain. To me... I took 3 pain pills, mostly because my friends who took care of me and know my Central Pain
    and didn't want me to go off the rails when it hit. Compared to the everything else I've had done to me, thankfully this was a
    non-issue. Doc forewarned me be extremely careful cannot lift anything over 5 lbs. for 6 weeks. Told my friends. Looked at me and
    said I see what you do to yourself, do not ruin my surgery, neither of us will be happy if I have to fix it again before it heals.
    net the kitty is doing fine



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    Rockport Harbor, ME

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    Belted Galloway

    These carrel come from west Scotland occasionally seen here in the US.

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