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Thread: Life pictures

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    Summer will come to CT eventually. -ket
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    Beautiful work!

    I mess around on Flickr a bit and increasingly see "over processed" photos.
    You are making some great art. Well done.

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    breakfast with a friend

    Thanks for the kind comments. I typically don't over process. I started out in darkrooms
    and treat digital similarly, cropping, some contrast, dodging or burning.

    So my friend let me take a picture, she's a vegetarian and enjoying the freshest local
    offerings. -ket
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    Very nice. I like the Dogwood.

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    Three Palms Vineyard

    Three Palms Vineyard, CA. Sterling Vineyards winery in the background. -ket
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    It was a beautiful day and the promise of wine to come was as far as the eye could see.
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    Beringer Winery

    Love Napa in the spring. Beringer Winery. -ket
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    Carolina Sunrise

    Sunrise in Carolina, nature's love letter
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    This sunrise is gorgeous. Makes it worth getting out of bed in the dark, eh?

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