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Thread: Life pictures

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    Life pictures

    Not been around much. Life got complicated. the short story Aug 2014 in hospital 1 week drug testing (really really bad I'll detail separately), IT Pump eval, late Sept pump replaced, couldn't get the drugs (experimental) compounded, Nov infused. Dec had drug issues, close uncle died. Feb. wife told me she wanted a divorce. April-June matriculated attended UMASS Medical to teach MBSR (will also be mentioned separately) March 28 my baby brother died, 3 weeks later my dad died. June I got fired. divorce battles starting wife decides I should stay. July she calls in a domestic and warns the cops I'm old military, sniper, hand to hand killer. 11 cops show up guns drawn I'm sitting in a recliner hands out ended fine they knew I was no threat said she's making a paper trail. july 29 make plans to inter my brother, wife says get the fuck out leave with 1 weeks clothing. Mom takes a bad turn, doesn't attend the burial. no where to go, broke, house sit at friends 2 weeks but told DO NOT BE THERE WHEN WE GET BACK. August 8 find a place, Aug 14 mom passed away. LIFE SUCKS. Deteriorating, tore a muscle group relocating have a major hernia being repaire Oct 23. Nearest relative 4 hours away. and frankly the kitty isn't the friendly type so only a couple friends. Sorted hospital transportation a 3 days care.

    All that life is very good, to be detailed

    I want to post pics and am setting up a site where they will be for sale, delivered through the site. hopefully some of you remember my work, I'll be reposting and adding new

    sorry the info dupm

    friends in so prettied the place up ARRGGHH still can't directly add pics????



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    I'm so sorry for your losses Bill it must have been an awful twelve months.

    Good to see you and your pictures back.

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    Oct 12 Picture of the day

    Thanks for the kind thoughts.. I will write more about how things are getting on, quite interesting.
    for now ...


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    Jesus what an update! You seem to be a in a good headspace though so kudos!
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    Oct 13

    North Carolina sunrise.
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    Cool pictures. Curious as to your post-processing approach. Which software, what you tweak, etc. I'm a DSLR noob, just picked up a Nikon D5200 with a couple starter "kit" lenses for stupid cheap. Trying to learn as much as possible. Focusing on the basics now (aka "exposure triangle", composition, etc), but most of the great stuff I see today has some level of post-processing enhancements, which I know nothing about. Any words of wisdom to share?
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    daily pic solitude

    Super Busy for the next few days. Odd, it's about the light. I actually post process less than most photographers I know.
    I do use Photoshop. 90% of what I do is in the shooting, then some curves, which goes back to darkroom paper grades,
    a bit of dodging and burning. a bit more but you have to know PS to understand.


    this is SoCal Solitude
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    Canyon de Chelly

    Today's Picture

    warmly, ket
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    warmly, ket
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    These are all gorgeous! You have a real eye!


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