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Thread: Life pictures

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    Grand Central Station

    Thank you for the kind comments.

    Another entry in architectural. Grand Central Station, NYC. -ket
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    Canyon de Chelley

    Another art show entry Canyon de Chelley. -ket
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    Montreal Underground

    another entry, enjoy -ket
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    Abstract Landcape

    Another submission -ket
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! Though I posted this once before it is also an entry and one I hope accepted. I printed it on a Japanese silk kozo, a hand lain translucent mulberry fiber paper with long strands of silk through it giving texture adn the silk reflect the light and color differently, it has an ethereal look in real life. Thought to stimulate your mind's eye along with the screen visual. -ket
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    last show entry

    This is the last of my 10 show entries. It has been printed on the silk kozo paper I described yesterday. More ethereal in person on the unique paper.
    I'll let you know how I do jury selecions should be posted on April 11 advising those selected to exhibit. If you have a favorite I would really like to know! -ket
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    My favorite remains #67, the North Carolina beach landscape. My previous comment was attached to a photo I didn't intend. Your portfolio is very strong and I'm truly interested in how it goes with the show. Let us know, I'll be looking in on 4/11-ish for preliminary results with the expectation that some of your work will go on to the next round. Good luck from a big supporter.

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    Thank you all. My hope is for an entry. They average 4000 entries for 50 spaces so the competition is stiff

    today ...Orange
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    Doorway, Bas Quebec

    enjoy -ket
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