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Thread: Life pictures

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    Tuesday's love letter

    Thinking of summer -ket
    Carolina sunrise
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    Sunday's love letter

    Hi all, a Sunrise in infrared
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    A few new ones

    Been a while. I had a critical major meds issue the end of January that required a major re-evaluation of my status and meds.
    Another push from the neurologists for surgical intervention. I declined , 10 major to date enough...

    so they've been working meds and next week I go in for the next and hopefully final change in my IT Pump cocktail. Wish it helped with
    pain but it's primary goal is to minimize the bone breaking, agonizing spasms and increasing tone.

    Been off the boards and social media. think of you all often. -ket
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    You have been missed. Hope this change works out for you. Thanks for the beautiful photos!


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    Happy Mother's Day

    warmly -ket
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    Bleeding Hearts were a favorite of my grandmother.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    One of the residents in my building tends this little garden hiding on the corner where I hang out to smoke. A week and a half ago this trellis was bare. Excuse the crummy phone photos.
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    "Never turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed." - Hunter Thompson
    T5/6 complete

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    Thursday's love letter

    Recovering from the meds change upped the baclofen and clonidine in my IT pump by 60% over 60 days in 3 adjustments. Stopped the horrific, bone breaking spasms but the side effects are tough. net I'm settling in. Mind is okay after 3 days of confusion and mmm being stupid, the body is weak but coming along. The doc wanted to do more but the final change was "negotiated." Did this a few days ago.
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    Thank you for sharing these beauties in spite of the agony of physical stresses.

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    Washington DC

    From a walk a long time ago. Infrared
    Doing well, it'll take another week or so
    for the body to acclimate to the meds change,
    but my mind is back, much more important.

    enjoy -ket
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