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Thread: Coated or uncoated hand rims

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    Coated or uncoated hand rims

    What are your thoughts on either the coated hand rims or the un coated ones. I have always had the coated ones but I am tired of them being cut etc from doors etc. I live in North Dakota so 5 plus months of the year I am dealing with snow the coated ones seem to get slick from the snow and I would assume the un coated ones would as well but I have no idea. I am fairly active so my chair sees a lot of outdoor use whenever the weather allows me to venture out so I am wondering how the un coated ones are for pushing etc. I would appreciate any comments on this

    Thanks in advance

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    In wisconsin I definitely hate how cold my normal handrims get and think a coating would make them much less unpleasant to the touch

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    Uncoated handrims are very slippery in snow. Under the right winter conditions they can even ice up to be nearly unpushable. I like foam coated that can be compressed I find this helps with grip with winter gloves on. Right now there seems to be a conspiracy to do away with affordable, coated pushrims accompanied by introduction of vastly overpriced coated pushrims.

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