What does everyone use for a bed/air mattress? I used to use a KCI low loss air mattress that had a pump to keep it inflated. It was getting pretty bad with me sinking in, so I got a replacement a year ago. My DME provider gave another mattress that was new to me, but is apparently also old technology. After one year, I'm now sinking into it as well and no replacement parts available.

So, what do you use? I have 3 pressure sores already, so it needs to be something helpful for that. I also do almost everything from bed and sit as well as lay down. Another problem is that my bed frame is apparently 2" shorter than most. When I got in college, I didn't realize they had different length hospital beds. My DME did try a mattress that had air cylinders running from top to bottom, but it didn't fit my bed and wouldn't bend.

Any advice would be appreciated as I need to get something to help healing and that will function for me. Thanks.