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    Bed Mattress

    What does everyone use for a bed/air mattress? I used to use a KCI low loss air mattress that had a pump to keep it inflated. It was getting pretty bad with me sinking in, so I got a replacement a year ago. My DME provider gave another mattress that was new to me, but is apparently also old technology. After one year, I'm now sinking into it as well and no replacement parts available.

    So, what do you use? I have 3 pressure sores already, so it needs to be something helpful for that. I also do almost everything from bed and sit as well as lay down. Another problem is that my bed frame is apparently 2" shorter than most. When I got in college, I didn't realize they had different length hospital beds. My DME did try a mattress that had air cylinders running from top to bottom, but it didn't fit my bed and wouldn't bend.

    Any advice would be appreciated as I need to get something to help healing and that will function for me. Thanks.
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    Assume you cannot turn yourself? You may want to try to get a turning low air loss mattress. We use the TurnCair Plus from Triline often for this purpose. You can set the turning function for both time and angle of turn, and can turn off that function when you don't like being turned (such as when sitting up in bed to eat). A caregiver would need to make these does not have a remote control.


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    Hi KLD, nope I can't move a thing (C2/3 vent dependent). My night caregivers turn me every 2 hours. I tried one of those mattresses at Craig, my lung collapsed after 3 days.
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    OK, I remember that now. You could use the Triline TxCair Plus instead then.


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    That looks very similar to the current system which does (did) work well. Thanks.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.

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    SPAN America will allow you to trial a mattress (they call them "surfaces" now, I suppose to charge more for them!) for 30-45 days. I'm trying the CustomCare Non-Powered myself. But they have lots of options, including "The Topper". I think they are at least partly owned by Hill-Rom now, as they teamed up in 2004 when H-R was designing the VersaCare and Total Care beds.

    Best luck to you. Let me know if you try the SPAN America offerings and what you think. I've heard that they are comparable in quality to H-R mattresses, if not better, and they are significantly cheaper. I'm paying out of pocket for mine once I get the money.

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    Who pays for the mattresses? When my (eventually) stage IV sores on my butt and back were open, and I went to the hospital, some doctor ordered low air loss, lateral rotation mattress from Clinidyne, which Medicare covered. 2.5 years later, the pump died, and I discovered the company was out of business when the DME company told me there were no parts available for repair, and, because it hadn't been five years, Medicare wouldn't pay for a similar new mattress from another company. Replacement was an alternating pressure mattress. Butt has been okay (occasional little shear or spot that heal quickly), so I don't qualify for a new LAL, LR mattress.

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    Private insurance covers most of my equipment, including mattress.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.

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    I've been looking at SPAN American mattresses myself. For someone without current issues with pressure sores, are their non-powered mattresses sufficient? Transfer Master offers the PressureGuard CFT with their bed frames, but I think that it is the lowest version of non-powered "Surfaces". Is the Custom Care a better option? I am also going through private insurance, who should hopefully pay for whatever I need.

    For the last 12 years since my injury, I have been using a KCI AtmosAir turning mattress because I initially had issues with pressure sores in the hospital right after my injury. I haven't used the turning feature in about eight years, and it has worked well. I'm not able to be turned throughout the night, so is it at all important to get a self turning mattress if my skin does well without turning?

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    I am using a Span America ,Pressure Guard Customcare convertible......I live alone and have had many sores in recent years...a big plus to this one compared to my last low air loss ,is that when the power goes out you still have cushion ! I am happy so far......the cover tor ,but they did replace. All seem to get the "butt sink hole" but if I adjust the setting periodically and shut off during day inflate sometimes it seems to help ....use that bed control, All night, raise and lower legs and head often ,,,,,will help .especially when your on your own ....26 years....butt looks rough "butt" still here !!!!!!!!!!!!

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