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    Sometimes I find myself going thru back alley to get to my apartment. Now that isn't a big deal but yesterday I saw two guys "hovering" over me trying to see where I was going. I pretended to keep busy until they went away but for a second I was concerned they might jump me in mentioned alley.

    Do you guys carry anything with you (heavy arm rest) ? Did you ever have an encounter with a perp and how did you deal with it? Pepper spray ? Stun gun ? Stay safe out there people.

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    While living in NYC years ago had purse snatched while it was tucked in tight between my hip and my side panel of my wheelchair. He must have followed me and saw me put it there after I stopped at check-cashing place, as it wasn't even visible. He was fast!
    It's good you were observant - try to stay out of that alley if you can.
    IMO it's best to give 'em what they want so they can be on their way. I do carry pepper spray handy on my key chain in case things get worse than purse snatch.

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    I agree, "stuff" isn't worth fighting over, and situational awareness is your best tool. Especially in Chicago, where only criminals have handguns, and gun violence is among the worst in the nation.
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