"A total of 12 grants, each at least $50,000, are available cross the six categories in each round of Stage I. In all six awards, we are looking for unconventional, novel and disruptive concepts that have the potential for functional recovery in chronic humans and animals." source: https://www.omnicompete.com/cpnchallenge.html

and these are the categories:
- New Investigator Award: newly hired researchers that began their career in SCI research
- Collaboration Award: innovative, inter-disciplinary collaborations
- Cross-over Award: incentivize the cross-over of adjacent neurological research to the field of SCI
- Translation Award: support research from animal experiments towards human clinical trials
- Out of the Box Award: initial funding for risky, high potential research ideas
- Reaching and Grasping Award: restoring reaching and grasping function for human SCI patients through innovative approaches

I find it through https://www.innocentive.com/ar/challenge/9933804 If you know someone who can benefit from it pls tell him about it.