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Thread: Castor pot width

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    Thanks Nonoise
    a single caster would be a different dynamic. Which given only one wheel has to turn would be more agile (all else being equal like wheelbase etc).
    im still curious though / like you my thought was maybe narrow was more agile, but I'd still be keen to know the answer and is there a point that stops being more agile ?
    Obviously the minimal gap for 2 casters to rotate becomes an unstable set up . But would it turn faster than an 11 inch gap vs 16.
    In practicality I'm talking differences of half inches and inches like an 11 inch vs 12 set up. I just like to know the reasons behind selecting certain measurements.

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    Small casters and light front end (cog) are probably more important than K. Wheelbase might be part of it too, but that is seldom taken into consideration.
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    My icon chair is set up with very narrow space between casters. I personally love it, and the chair is much more stable than my previous chair all around so I don't believe it detracts in any noticeable way. And I LOVE the tighter turning radius and how much closer I can get to objects.
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    Thank you all for the responses. While all valid points, the question still remains if I order 10, 11 or 12 inches I don't know which will be in theory more or less agile on court. I had hoped someone on care cure might know the answer. There may well still be someone.

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    Faced with an engineering question like this, where there appears to be no obvious answer, I tend to think about extremes.

    Consider a K dimension of something huge...say 10m. Would that be any more or less agile than a K value of 1mm (or 1 inch)? My view is that it would be less agile, but only because of the added weight of the extra tubing. If that is correct, then the difference in agility between a K dimension of 10 and 12 would be negligible, on the basis that the weight difference between the two setups would be negligible.

    As nonoise says, there are other aspects that will have far greater effect on agility than the K dimension. And, like Lin, my son's Icon has had its casters adjusted several times, but never for the reason of changing agility as you are describing.
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