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Thread: New mercedes sprinter wheelchair van and experience

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    that's not bad at all. we have nearly that in our chevy explorer conv. how about pics of all the mobility stuff.

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    So far the cost is 70k including the upfitting, lift and just about every option available. We custom ordered the van from Mercedes, had Van Specialties do the upfitting, and performance mobility in Portland install the lift. We are loving it and I'm glad I didn't let the mobility people talk me out of it. rep
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    Should get about 35 mpg very soon. A couple of folks around here in PA get that in their diesel Sprinter's and a guy I spoke with a few years ago with 300,000+ miles on his, received that also.
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    What is your setup for a door opener?

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    Regarding camping. Definitely feel that if you can afford a designer-person, they could create camping features that work for you. I'm thinking use of the upper wall areas, etc.
    My husband and I, both wheelers, got our first van set up for a three month cross-country camping trip. Fortunately an artist friend and his artist buddy designed and installed the interior. This was 40 years ago and don't think they had power beds, so they made a bed in the back that had 2 sections - when bed not needed, we could slide the front section over the rear section. The 4" tall bed cushions were also in two sections so they could sit on top of each other when stowed. The cushions were custom cut to size and I made slippery fabric covers for them to aid sliding transfers. A portable toilet fit just under the bed. One wall near the bed had a pop-up table that we frequently set our portable electric heater on, etc. On another wall near the bed they crafted a unit with two shelves. None of these things were in the way of the clear space we needed to access the seats and bed, even though it was sometimes tricky.

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