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Thread: Any bib overall wears out there

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    Any bib overall wears out there

    I have recently lost a few pounds and my jeans are now starting to slide off my ass excuse the french when I transfer from the chair to my car and visa versa. I was thinking of getting a pair of bib overalls to wear vs. jeans as I figure they wont be able to slide down like my jeans are doing due to shoulder straps. I know I will look like I just got off the farm so to speak but if they keep my plumbers crack from showing I am all about that. I intermit cath so I was wondering how much hassle it will be to cath with them on. I also dress in bed and wonder if they will be to much of hassle there as well. Any information would be appreciated


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    Keep in mind that if you get the denim kind you should remove any buttocks pockets and straps, and any rivets. Even the seam in the back can be a cause of skin breakdown. Some people, with jeans, have had a tailor or someone who is a good seamstress undo and re-sew the seam so it is smoother and flat rather than thick.

    You could probably achieve the same results by using suspenders with regular jeans or slacks as well.


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    I had that problem and got some sitting pants. I bought some of these
    and though they are expensive, they are comfortable and great and never slide down.

    this was discussed here too:

    Then I had my friend who is a seamstress copy the design and make me some more

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    Yep, been wearing them 34 years. When I first got hurt it was the thing I thought of so I could get dressed alone by pulling the straps over my shoulders. I couldn't pull up my jeans alone yet. When I went back to working on go karts my son ragged on me to put my bibs on so my butt didn;t hand out. I don't intermittent cath so can't help you there, just be carefull you don't drag the straps through the toliet.

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