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Thread: Night time thoughts

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    Night time thoughts

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    C4/5 good left arm Why am i awake i take enough pills to put a zebra down for the count Whats on tv should i turn it on F==k i hurt so bad (suicide) not often Why on Gods Green Earth did this happen"accident" Thank God i've got it as good as i do i've got so much and others have so little "Guilt" at least once a week Anybody else?

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    Prayers... though not for a miraculous cure, but forgiveness and protection for myself and my family and friends and peace for this crazy world we live in.
    Fantasies of (what I would do if I knew way back when what I know now) and or (those of a sexual nature).
    I don't actually try to sleep, I just try not to focus on the fact that other my right arm I'm completely paralyzed.
    Eventually, I slip off to sleep and have crazy ass dreams that are more entertaining than my life.

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    Sleep? What's that? Since I'm no longer able to take 10 mg of valium at night, starting last Dec. Sleep has been an evasive creature. Had to go on Suboxen and the pain nurse practioner warned my how sleepy it would make me. HA! One of the few side effects is insomnia. Guess who falls into that category? Me.

    I've been trying to quit the Suboxen because it lowers my blood pressure in addition to keeping me up at night. Have gone as long as 72 hours without it and I'm down to 2 mg when I need it.

    As for thoughts. The usual, even as I approach 8 yrs. post, why me? Also think about all the things I was looking forward to doing with the kids as they became adults. Guilt for putting my wife through it. Wondering what the future will be like when both my wife and I get older. Wonder if there will be enough money. What am I going to do once therapy ends? How long before all my friends move on? Oh, the list can go on for awhile.

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    To go to sleep, and not wake up. If I don't go to sleep, or wake up before my first caregiver comes, I critique my local sports teams, and curse the fact that all politicians are idiots.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    To go to sleep, and not wake up.
    That too is quite often a dream/wish of mine.

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