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How are things going for you this week--has your water service been restored?
The water service is back to normal thanks to a temporary fix. It will be 6 months to a year before a permanent fix is in place. The road and bridge problems are the biggest impediment most people have to contend with. The detours are resulting in increased commuting times, traffic jams, and a loss of business due to accessibility issues. Overall things are going well thanks to a well thought out disaster plan that was developed after hurricane Hugo and refined after Katrina. There are only a couple hundred people left in shelters and the number is falling rapidly. FEMA is processing about 50,000 applications for individual support. The National Guard is staying on duty for 2 more weeks to help the highway department put together at least temporary fixes. There are a lot of questions regarding permanent fixes because of the budget debacle in Washington and uncertainties regarding funds that will be available. We have been getting a good bit of help from the surrounding states and the country as a whole. There are a good many people who had no flood insurance or who had their jobs literally washed away and will need support fora good while before they get their lives put back together. These kinds of disasters usually affect the poor people the most.