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Thread: slippers to prevent pressure sores

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    slippers to prevent pressure sores

    I've been dealing with pressure sores on the bottom of my feet. They are on the outside near the small you're. I know that it's because my legs are over extending so that's where the pressure is. I've been wearing slippers and it's gotten better, but it'd like to find shoes that will help prevent it from happening again, but I need some that I can wear around and actually look like real shoes

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    I've been wearing these Tamarac Slippers for over 5 years now.

    I flip them up & wear my jeans over them.

    I get them in rootbeer & 1 size larger than my normal size.

    I've caught them on sale in the low 30's before.

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    They are on the outside near the small you're.
    ??? Can you explain better where the sores are? What were you wearing on your feet before? Do you wear boots at night? If you are talking about sores on the side of the foot just above the small toe, that is called the 5th metatarsal head, and the bone is very close to the surface here. It is easy for a sore to develop into osteomyelitis. Being sure you wear a shoe that doesn't let you foot laterally rotate, and a bed boot that also does not allow your feet to laterally rotate when are your back are the best ways to prevent breakdown. You may want to look at diabetic shoes which provide both support and protection once these pressure ulcers are healed.


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    My husband was getting some redness on the bottom of his foot on the sole just below his little toe - is that where you are talking about? We had to make some adjustments to make sure his feet were sitting flatter on the footplate and also got him some Skechers shoes with memory foam soles and the redness went away and has not returned.

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    Do you have sufficient range of motion in your ankles?
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