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    Red face L2 fracture

    I got the same injury, I was climbing down a ladder from a 3 stores building and one of the legs sunk down and I fell down... I broke my tailbone, sacrum, I chipped my pelvic, I cracked 2 vertebraes and I got the L2 burst fracture... I was in one of the best hospitals in USA but I was in intense care only for 4 days and they discharged me because they saw me walking after my second day when I got my turtle shell, I didn't feel ready to go home because they did not explained to me what I really have, I just fund out that I have a burst fracture, just because I heard one of the nurses that my L2 exploded... that's why I assumed that I got a burst fracture since she also said that I cracked my T2 and some other vertebrae which I believed is a compression fracture, anyways I wish you guys can tell me more since as stupid it sounds after 3 weeks I found out how bad this can be, just like you, I don't have much pain and I don't take pills because I started getting sucidal thoughts and for my own good first I starTed quitting taking them at night even if I was in pain, than gradually I am quitting taking them during the day time, I can walk without using my walker I can get anything from the floor, I can roll over the bed but I didn't know I am damaging myself since I read the Sci nurse comment, please let me know how are you doing please, I want to be same if is possible because of my kids and wife, they need me.

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    Were you not given a follow-up outpatient appointment with a spinal orthopedist or neurosurgeon? The hospital should have also given you discharge instructions, in writing. A compression fracture of L2 will usually heal on its own with immobilization (which means wearing the braces at all times for at least 3 months). It does not sound like you have any neurologic (spinal cord) damage since you mention walking normally, and do not mention anything about bowel, bladder or sexual dysfunction. Make an appointment to see your primary care physician ASAP, and ask them to arrange a follow-up appointment as above if this was not done for you when you left the hospital. If you did not get an appointment, also call the patient advocate at the hospital where you were, since the hospital is REQUIRED to give you information like this.


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    Yes so far I don't have any neurological disfunction that I know of, I got some blood in my urine the first day but after that I was ok, I never peed myself I was in control of my body, I go to the bathroom just fine, not blood on my stool, and I don't have a sexual dysfunction, I just feel pressure in my back where the injures are, I have an appointment set up tomorrow morning since I left the hospital, I got so many questions for that guy since I didn't get any information about the kind of injury I have, I am really mad because the first day that I was there, they told me that my T12 was fracture and every day they where adding things up to the list, at the third day they told me that my tailbone was fracture, no wonder I was in real pain every time they make sit in the recliner, rigth then is when I ordered a orthopedic dounogh, and every time I get to talk to a doctor besides a nurse I asked questions and they weren't clear with me, but thank you so much, you were a great help for me, Do you think that I will get back to normal? Do have good chances?

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    Get a follow-up appointment with a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon to review the MRI. Your recovery sounds positive. You may have some residual problems that may be minor. You will always need to be aware of the possibility of bowel and bladder problems.


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