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Thread: Fractured L1 and Jewett Corset agony

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    Fractured L1 and Jewett Corset agony


    I and my parents live in Spain. Last wednesday, my mother has a fall and broke her arm and l1 vertebrae. She had an operation for her arm but the doctors said she just needed a corset for recovery. The doctor only came along when me and my father were absent but my mother only speaks a little Spanish so we aren't very clear on things. This monday, her corset was delivered and the orthopedic who put it on her said that the pain from the corset on her collarbones and hard to breathe were normal. She was released the same day from the hospital but we were told almost nothing about what we should be doing, if she should be in bed or up every so often. She was unable to walk to the car so we had to have her brought home in a bed in a ambulance.

    We've been getting her up twice a day for 10-30mins on the loo despite the various pains from her back and collar where the corset is. Last night, she was in tremendous pain from the back of her hip when she got up but managed to get up still. However this morning she sat up and was instantly in too much pain from the back of her hip and had to lie back down immediately.

    Does she have to wear this corset like the doctor said when she gets up and is the pain she's feeling in her collarbone and lower back while wearing it normal? Does it sound like the pain from the back of her hip is just some normal muscle pain? Could anyone give us any advice on what we should be doing as we have been told next to nothing(we even had to look up online how she should be getting up and back into bed with the corset)?

    Hope someone can help us as it feels like we are groping in the dark

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    The Jewitt is a hyperextension orthotic. It's prescribed for people with stable spine compression fractures between T6-L3 and is designed to keep the wearer from flexing (bending forward ). Doing so will cause discomfort. The brace can be adjusted by the Orthotist but it is meant to be worn tightly against the body. It's standard to wear the brace when out of bed and sometimes even when sitting up in bed with the head of the bed raised above 30 degrees.

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