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Thread: "All Terrain" wheelchair suggestions and experiences

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    "All Terrain" wheelchair suggestions and experiences

    Hi All-

    I was wondering if any of you have experience with off road wheelchairs. I have been able to get most places with help when I go fishing or hunting. It apparent that having chair more suited to outdoors would make things easier for everyone. I wanted see what others use and your experiences good or bad with certain chairs. A quick search found Renegade, Invacare Crossfire, and Lasher Sport ATB. So that is what I am looking at right now. Thanks for your help-Rob

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    I would suggest a Stricker Lomo 360 front wheel attachment on your chair with mountain bike tires on the back. Ask one of the Bike-on reps on this forum, i'm sure they can get you set up.

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    That looks like it just might work. Thanks Giles. I will start researching. Do you have one?

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    Cheapest option would be a Free Wheel, with MTB wheels/tyres (or larger). If you've got the strength to self propel off-road, then that might be all you need.

    Agree with Giles' suggestion if you want some power...there are a number of options for front wheel drive discussed on this forum.

    My son has both a Free Wheel and a Firefly. The Firefly is used daily off-road (grass mainly) and works very well for him. The Free Wheel is used less, but we wouldn't want to be without it.

    But, depending on the terrain, both the above options will struggle at a certain point. Then you'd need to start looking at a quad bike or off-road go-kart. Hmmm, my son has both of those too...!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boda View Post
    That looks like it just might work. Thanks Giles. I will start researching. Do you have one?
    I never had the stricker lomo 360, but it looked like a great 3rd wheel attachment. I went from using a Freewheel to using a purpose built 3 wheel outdoor chair with a 16" front wheel. Since then I've upgraded to using a 20" front wheel on it.

    I would suggest you talk to one of the Bike-on reps here on the forum, to discuss which would be the better option for you, the Stricker or the Freewheel.

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    I have not seen this in action so cannot vouch for how good it actually is. From the pictures it looks very extravagant and over the top as a design but it also looks very off-road capable:

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    you have also this model, small and very able off-road with lot of power:
    I think you can buy it in the US, even if it's swedish made.
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    if gas power ok pretty neat or that freedomtrac

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    I use the Freewheel the majority of the time. On really rough stuff, or on hills the shoulders still get stressed though.

    For real off-road use, Go-Grit Freedom Chair.
    Pushing the levers uses different muscles. It takes a lot of stress off the rotator cuff.

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    I like that but they make them for 3 world countries for 200 but us customer a couple thousand not fair

    I don/t think it would do good in sugar sand of fl

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