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Thread: anyone ever use the new coloplast SpeediCath compact cath?

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    anyone ever use the new coloplast SpeediCath compact cath?

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    We do not use it. Interested in seeing how others respond.

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    I have a couple samples of it telescopes...meaning the outer tube diameter becomes larger about halfway up the tubing. In other words a 14Fr size catheter would become about a 16Fr size halfway up the tubing. I imagine I would stretch out the meatus and urethra once the larger size tubing begins to advance into my dick. Also, I would have to hold the catheter at the funnel end or about 20" away from my meatus. Meanwhile I would be trying to insert the eyehole end of the catheter into my meatus and NOT touch anything else that would contaminate the catheter. I like the compact packaging but thats about it.

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    I have tried the speedicath compact set while in the hospital, image below. I like it but still like the use of the portable bagged cath set because I can take the kit a loose and pour my urine inside the toilet and throw away the empty bag. I still have a little trouble inserting it into my bladder just like the portable bag ones but with the firm red rubber caths are always my favorite. Forgot to mention that I had a roomate while in the hospital who loved these things. Rarely got a UTI compared to other caths when using these.

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    Tried samples. Too many issues to list. Couldn't use.

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    I've been using the compact ones for a year or two now. I love them! They are so much better than the mentor 6" I was using before (straight tip, funnel end and non funnel). For one, the eyelets are all smooth, unlike the mentors, so less irritation and UTIs. I ended up having to trow out a lot of the mentors because the eyelets would have sometimes have little pieces of plastic sticking out. I actually don't get UTIs when using these except for sometimes after sex. There's no need for lube which I think cuts down on risk of contamination and is one less thing to worry about. I really like that they are small and don't have extra packaging. They're easy to carry. And, because they are a little bit stiffer than the mentors, they are much easier to guide in.

    The male version that Smokey mentioned above must be different than the female version. The female version telescopes, but the part you insert is the same size for the whole length - no wider part goes inside. Where it gets wider is the handle/part you hold. Maybe the female version is way better than the male version.

    I highly recommend (female version at least). Hope this helps.

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    I tried them and I prefer the regular speedicath. They are very expensive and do the same thing as the speedicath. The compact size is not worth the expense. If they were more reasonably priced, I might give them another try.

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