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Thread: What kind of tubes for 26" tires

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    Well, I survived. After paying $60 for overnight shipping on top of two new tires. Found a bike shop that was open until 8 and got them to accept the package from sportaid. When I took off my wheel to have them change it i noticed that one side of the bead was completely off of the wheel for about 1/4 of the circumference of the rim... that was cutting it close.

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    With your work schedule it would be nice if you had a couple of spare wheels. I've got about 4 in my garage and pop one on if I get a flat (when at home). Then it's off to the bike shop as husband and I can no longer change them.
    I've been in a chair over 65 years and always keep at least one "back up" chair.
    Soon, hopefully, pending insurance, I will have a backup. Right now my old chair won't work, I don't even have it at my apartment (which is 300 square feet so there ain't a heck of a lot of room in any case). The one I'm riding in now is only my second chair. My first was 16 inches wide, this one is 13. My 13" chair has 1/2" clearance on my bathroom door, so my old one just simply wouldn't work... I'd end up having to drag my ass on the floor into the bathroom.

    I might be mistaken, but I believe when I went with the 590 spinergy wheels they actually have a different axle diameter (not sure if my terminology is right the thickness of the metal thing that goes through the hub of the wheel into the chair... which I also want to call the axle). Browsing the internet while specing out my new chair I noticed something saying the 590 spinergy's come with "sport hubs", so maybe that's the difference. I have a standing chair in my house (also too wide for the bathroom and way too enormous for every day use) and I thought ahead enough to bring the wheels from that, but in addition to being 559 so I don't have any brakes, they have that smaller axle diameter. In an extreme pinch I could possible use them, but I would probably opt to run on a flat, because they don't lock in place and they rub agains the sideguards of my chair... take a corner too fast and it would be bad times as one wheel continued to roll down the hallway and I found myself lying on my side.

    But I'm ordering a new chair that will be equally small and have interchangeable wheels, so that way I'll have this one as a usable backup with wheels that work. Too bad nobody (that I can find) makes 590 solid tires, that would be a great choice for a backup wheel.

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    Funklab: An internet search revealed this source of Shox 590 Solid Tires. There are also other sources out there - you can search for (brand) "590 wheelchair tires" to find more / better prices, perhaps.

    Good luck!

    Edited to add: Here's Airless Inserts you could put in the tires of your choice. Again, other sites / searches (Airless Insert 590 wheelchair tire) -- may turn up more results.
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    Thanks mystery, I guess the site I was browsing only had 24 and 25 inch tires so I assumed they didn't make 26s. Shox are what's up though, I use those on my rarely used standing chair.
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