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Thread: Tire is swollen in one spot?

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    Most people change tires infrequently and never get the hang of it. If you have a decent bicycle shop that is conv1enient let the pros do the job. And make sure to tell them to use their best rim tape. The job will be done in 15 minutes and your eyes will bug out when you see the bill. They do not charge obscene DME prices for a "medical" service.
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    Have had this happen with the explosion .. unfortunately the first time was at work with a bunch of cops. Sounded like gunfire honestly!

    The inner tubes must have developed a crack or weak spot and that causes the bulge ... the tires need replacing after something like that happens too. Are you able to do the work from bed? I've also seen it happen on my car .. right after I got new tires and accidently drove onto the tip of a sidewalk (bumped the sidewall).
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    I had a tire blow while at the grocery store, a woman was standing right next to me at the time and started SCREAMING. It seriously did sound like gunfire. I knew what it was immediately though; and couldn't help laugh a bit before I put a straight face on and started apologizing to the woman and explaining what just happened.
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