Hey all! After four years, I FINALLY got my ZRA! Been using it for a few days, and while some of the qualms I have may just be me needing time to adjust (the chair is several inches higher than my old one, so I feel a little unstable in it), I have been noticing something a little unusual with the soft rolls I got: they seem to, well, get stuck on things rather often, leading to near falls more often than I'd like. Sometimes they're large uneven cracks perpendicular to my path of travel (those aren't surprisingly), but sometimes, they get stuck on small cracks or dips, or they get stuck in innocuous/invisible gutters that drastically change my direction of travel.

My previous chair didn't feel nearly this unstable, so I'm trying to figure out how much of this is due to these particular casters, and how much of it is due to my chair being taller, less wide, and shorter (which, all combined, do probably lead to a bit less vertical stability than my old chair).

The question for y'all then is: have any of you experienced this with the LiteSpeeds? I remember folks saying they preferred the Frog Legs soft rolls instead, but I don't recall why.