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Thread: best ways to use a walker safely?

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    best ways to use a walker safely? I use a up n free gait trainer I guess it is, it has a bicycle seat and strap for support and the seat has a piston that supports some of my weight. It has been great for unassisted gait training, but have been thinking that more weight on my legs would be best if I hope for my legs to get stronger. Trying to find the most inexpensive yet safe way to practice while being fully on my feet yet still being secure if I stumble. Appreciate all feedback. Thank you, Ian

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    best ways to use a walker safely?

    I use a up n free for gait training, it's great for secure and unassisted practice of walking. The seat and strap secure me and my weight isn't fully on my feet. Great for feeling secure but I've been thinking that maybe a more open and simple walker with all of my weight on my legs and feet would help me get stronger. Wha do you think of these arms for support ?

    I'm hoping for security but also for my legs to work more and strengthen, the up n free gait trainer is great but has it's limits. I appreciate any ideas and feedback. Thank you

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    It would be best to have a session with a good SCI PT who can both evaluate if this is the right equipment for you, and also teach you how to use this safely.


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