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Thread: 25 years old just diagnosed with ddd

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    25 years old just diagnosed with ddd

    I recently went to the doctor having just got insurance since moving to Arkansas from Louisiana. I tried going to the doctor for my back pain while in Louisiana but none of the doctors would listen or believe that what I was saying about my pain was true. Anyways, I went the 15th of September to my first Pcp doctors appointment and told them what had been going on with me. I have had lower back pain for several years but for whatever reason I wasn't believed and was basically dismissed. My back pain is right where the indentation area in everyone's back is. Within the last year it has been getting progressively worse so much so that on my first visit I told my doctor. She sat down and listened to me asked a few questions about how long it's been going on and if I have family members who have the same problem. I know of three generations in my family who have ddd and bulging disc and problems of the sort. She ran her hand down my spine and when she got to the area it hurts I jumped because well it hurt a and I told her so. She also noticed I have a small bruise in that same area that has been there permanently since the pain started getting worse. She immediately ordered an x-Ray and gave me some medicine to help with inflammation and pain. I came back the next day and did the x-Ray. I got the results of the x-Ray on Monday.They said that I definitely have ddd and that I need to get an mri done which I will be doing tomorrow. I just wanted to know what you might think could happen knowing what I know now. I have two children 6 and 1 and there dad is a truck driver so he's not home but maybe once a month so whateverhappens I need to be able to take care of them. What is the best course of action doctors could take at this point? Info please?

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury?
    DDD= degenerative disc disease is arthritis in the bones of the spine. But is your spinal cord injured?


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