I?ve been having issues at night and it?s getting worse. It?s every night, and I don?t get much sleep because of it.

I wake up every hour or two, just shaking, muscles clinched, feeling like I?m freezing cold, but I know I?m not. I feel so cold, I would swear I?m freezing. But if I sit up a little and uncover my arms, it starts to go away. It?s like I?m overheated. My temp is normal, I can feel the warmth coming from under the blanket. Though it?s not like real warm. I live in Phx and spend hours outside when it?s 100 degrees. When I get to hot, I never feel cold or shake. Just feel hot.

I don?t know what to do. I?ve tried wearing a shirt, just a sheet, more blankets, no blankets. If I use no blanket I wake up shaking cold, freezing, but his time I am cold. The other night my temp was 94.5.

So no matter what I do, I wake up just shaking, feeling like I?m freezing. Maybe 2 nights a month I can sleep all night without waking up ?feeling? like I?m Freezing.

I?ve tried sleeping meds, and meds to try and help with the tingling in my arms, etc. Nothing helped.

I know most quad feel cold and have the tingling like arms are in ice water, but anyone else have this at night, even if too warm?

Thx, Greg