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Thread: Wake UP, Shakig, Freezing Hot?

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    Wake UP, Shakig, Freezing Hot?

    I?ve been having issues at night and it?s getting worse. It?s every night, and I don?t get much sleep because of it.

    I wake up every hour or two, just shaking, muscles clinched, feeling like I?m freezing cold, but I know I?m not. I feel so cold, I would swear I?m freezing. But if I sit up a little and uncover my arms, it starts to go away. It?s like I?m overheated. My temp is normal, I can feel the warmth coming from under the blanket. Though it?s not like real warm. I live in Phx and spend hours outside when it?s 100 degrees. When I get to hot, I never feel cold or shake. Just feel hot.

    I don?t know what to do. I?ve tried wearing a shirt, just a sheet, more blankets, no blankets. If I use no blanket I wake up shaking cold, freezing, but his time I am cold. The other night my temp was 94.5.

    So no matter what I do, I wake up just shaking, feeling like I?m freezing. Maybe 2 nights a month I can sleep all night without waking up ?feeling? like I?m Freezing.

    I?ve tried sleeping meds, and meds to try and help with the tingling in my arms, etc. Nothing helped.

    I know most quad feel cold and have the tingling like arms are in ice water, but anyone else have this at night, even if too warm?

    Thx, Greg
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    What is your blood pressure during this event? Thyroid hormone and blood levels and iron levels normal?

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    consider putting your blankets in the dryer. at least it can get you warm faster.

    Iv had this problem but its accompanied by profuse sweating, where I normally only sweat on my upper half. also a pounding heart. mine is associated with long term use of fentanyl.

    I do also have low iron, and had a low B12 levels, as well as low levels of vitamin D. I cant take iron, but using a good B12 supplement and prescription vitamin D has helped me with this problem somewhat.
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    My blood pressure is normal during this cold/hot shaking. Low, but normal. The doc has taken blood and checked lots of things. Low on iron, but it’s always been hat way.

    I don’t want to put blanket in dryer because even though I feel cold, most of the time I’m too hot. I just don’t know why I’m getting too hot. Just a sheet. I can be outside when It’s over 100 and like it. It’s only at night laying down.

    I thought maybe it’s because my arms bend up and I tend to pull the blanket tight around my neck. Could I be blocking blood flow, or pinching nerves in my inner elbow? You know how you tense up when cold… could that cause blood flow issues? My arms end up being bent really tight.

    My arms tingle so much wore at night.

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    Do you take a muscle relaxer before bedtime? I wouldn't think you would block blood flow and it would be just to your arms. Are you on Gabapentin for the neuropathic symptoms- tingling?
    Have you tried taken Ibuprofen or Naproxen before bedtime- with crackers or bread?

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    I noticed the higher I keep the head of my bed up, the less cold I feel and less shaking I do. Though I know it’s not good for my butt to sleep with my head up so high, puts lots more pressure on it. Though I just can’t sleep I shake so bad, feeling cold, even if I’m too warm. I just don’t know the cause. I’m hoping to see a rehab doc as soon as I can, trying to get the referral straightened out. I actually stayed up in my chair all night a few nights last week, just trying to get a good nights sleep.Thanks, Greg
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    Is it like spasms? are you on muscle relaxers? Of course if spasticity I have never heard it related to changes in temperature but...?

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    This sounds like things that happened to me when I had seizures. I don't think I had them even close to every night, but all the other things you are saying here, sure were happening. Are you sweating? Sweating enough bed is wet? How long does an episode last?

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    there might be many causes for a person to be anemic. it can be a big deal. those are some symptoms. Its a terrible feeling, and drs just don't know what to tell you when you complain about it. like maybe its AD or something. or for myself orthostatic tachycardia, and disautonomia. turns out my blood cells are really tiny, and broken up. as it gets worse so does that terrible sweating freezing thing. get a ferritin level done. a little anemia over a long period of time is apparently really bad for living people.

    other symptoms are nerve pain, ringing in the ears, poor apatite, can't taste your food, eyesight problems, tachycardia, very cold feet and hands, a pail line top and bottom gums. pale eye membranes, yellow in the eyes, pale poop.
    a profound tired. fainting, or feeling faint, a peculiar dizziness, different types of anemia and the severity of the deficiency cause different symptoms.
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