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Thread: Torn bicep

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    Torn bicep

    Hi, has anyone had surgery on a torn bicep? I might have to have surgery and wonder realistically how long that arm will be out of commission.
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    Is your tear at the shoulder or the elbow?

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    At the shoulder...
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    At the shoulder, the biceps muscle has a "long head" and a "short head". If the long head is torn, it's not usually repaired. It's uncommon for the short head to tear, but if surgery is needed, it's going to be a few months of activity restrictions and post-op therapy. Your Orthopedists office should be able to give you a ballpark estimate once a decision is finalized.

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    It's probably too late for surgery. It's been 2 weeks since it tore and they just did an MRI on Saturday. The golf ball sized bump seems to be getting larger. My shoulder hurts more than my bicep unless I use my arm to lift something like my leg. I can still transfer without pain, but pushing uphill is painful. The nurse just gave me the RICE treatment for it. It doesn't seem right. I won't get MRI results until Tuesday or Wednesday. I just wondered if I did get surgery what that would mean, and if not does that bump ever go away?
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    If the long head of the biceps tendon has torn, part of the biceps muscle will not be anchored to bone. With no bony attachment, that portion of muscle retracts and can cause the bump you described. Google Image "Popeye Sign" to see photos. If the short head of the biceps tendon is OK, you'll still have use of the muscle. If no surgery, the bump stays.
    Update when you get your MRI results.

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    It's a detached bicep (long) and a retracted rotate cuff. Surgery is recommended. Any suggestions or advice, are appreciated.
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    Got a power chair? Cuz you aint pushing squat with surgery. I tore my right arm bicep tendon 3 years ago. Got awesome popeye muscle to show for it. Didn't get surgery, and yes it is weaker than before, but I cant do for myself with one hand, so that is why I didn't want surgery. Your injury will hurt for a month or so, but it never really will be right again. Im 55, so age will determine if you want the surgery or not. Im not gonna throw hay bales around anymore, so all the more reason to jus "deal with it." Best of luck on your decision...

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    If I was in your situation, I'd start preparing for surgery. If you can find a power chair, that would be great. Do you have a friend with a van lift to help you to appointments? I'm lucky enough to have that - find one! Going to need it.
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    Sorry to hear about the extra rotator cuff tendon issue. If you have surgery, in most cases you'll be discharged from the hospital to home the same day. Your shoulder may be immobilized in a sling for 4-6 weeks. You won't be allowed to move the arm away from your body plus, no push ups off the bed or chair. Advance plan for home care, power chair and possibly a lift-sling mechanism for transfers. Do you have a doctor at Craig Rehab? Maybe their team can give you advice on post-op needs.

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