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Thread: Maui accessible condo is amazing experience

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    IMPORTANT UPGRADE We just added a central A/C to our condo this winter which will help with some of the humid days and nights that we get on Maui when the tradewinds die down. This is especially nice as previously we only had ceiling fans in the master bedroom and ensuite. In addition to the bedroom and ensuite being cooler, the kitchen area now has direct cooling so cooking is much more enjoyable as this area could be a hot back eddy. We also changed our on island management company which will give more comprehensive support including 24 hour help. If you haven't been to our website for a while check it out as quite a few details have changed over the last few years including the nightly rates. E-mail me at if you have any questions. Aloha Bruce
    I swear there was A/C when I went @ 4yrs ago. Is my brain really turning to mush?

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    I hope you have a lot of great memories of your stay at our condo and no your brain isn't turning to mush. We always had a wall a/c in our living room which kept the main living area cool but it was difficult to get the cool air back to the master bedroom and ensuite. The new central A/C has a cooling duct in the master bedroom which keep this room and ensuite cool in addition to 2 ducts in the main living area. A/C is not needed that often at our condo as we have nice tradewinds to keep things cool but sometimes when the tradewinds stop it can warm up quite a bit especially with the added humidity of being so close to the ocean. wesdbt I do not recognize your Carecure name so could you e-mail me so I remember who you are and of course if you'd like to tell the other Carecure members of your experience at our condo it would be appreciated. Aloha Bruce

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    I have quite a few openings at my accessible condo between now and December 1 so if you are interested in a wonderfully exotic and accessible holiday contact me at and we'll try to make it happen. Aloha Bruce

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