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Thread: Maui accessible condo is amazing experience

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    Maui accessible condo is amazing experience

    hi, i just wanted to share my recent rental experience at the makani a kai condo owned by bruce and amy bernhardt,

    i've never traveled this far from home before (i live in new york) because travel and finding truly accessible rentals has always been kind of tough. but in talking with bruce many times prior to actually booking our trip to maui, his incredible knowledge and resourcefulness made my husband and me feel completely at ease, and like we were making a great decision. bruce is able to recommend the very best of maui disability-serving companies and attractions, as well as just the best general activities and fun places to see. every recommendation was fantastic, it saved us so much guess work and research. our trip would not have been nearly as awesome without his guidance and advice.

    and the condo itself? gorgeous. spotlessly clean. and most importantly, it's truly barrier-free--remote controlled fans and lights and drapes and air conditioning, incredible huge bathroom and roll-in shower, touch lamps, comfy beds, spacious enough for two wheelchairs and two able-bodied guests, everything within reach. i've never seen anywhere this well thought out for someone with mobility issues.

    if you are thinking of taking a trip to anywhere in hawaii, you should stay at this condo in beautiful maui. it was the best trip of my life!

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    Bruce is a member of CareCure and often posts about his condo availability.


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    Its a wonderful place to stay. We where there for 13 days and everything is so accessible it made coming home tuff. lol

    If you ever plan a trip over there you cant go wrong staying there.


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    Does the condo have an overhead lift or a Hoyer type lift to help someone like me, a C5-C6, get into bed since I'm unable to transfer myself?


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    response to lift question

    Quote Originally Posted by DaDutchman View Post
    Does the condo have an overhead lift or a Hoyer type lift to help someone like me, a C5-C6, get into bed since I'm unable to transfer myself?

    hi, unfortunately there is no lift for the bed, but we rented a shower seat and 2 wheelchairs from gammie health care. maybe they have a lift for rent as well?

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    Thank you Scarlett and Robbin for your positive reviews of my condo and I have to work on you Robbin to get you to come back to Maui again as it has been a few years. Thank you DaDutchman for your question and as Scarlett said our condo we does not have a ceiling lift in the bedroom so you'd rent a hoyer lift. FYI, the bed has height and space under it to accommodate the hoyer lift legs. Gammie HomeCare {listed on our website} is a very good and reliable resource on island for medical equipment which rents and delivers medical equipment like hoyer lifts, shower benches and shower chair to the condo all the time. Our condo does not come with any medical equipment as everyone needs different equipment and Gammie is really easy to work with. Thank you for the exposure and if anyone has questions about my condo or Maui in general please either post the question here or e-mail me at Aloha Bruce

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    Wow good timing, was just looking into trips to Hawaii for myself and my SO, I will look into this lodging option for sure

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    In addition to renting an accessible home base to explore Maui from, accessible transportion is very important and Wheelers Van Rentals has a couple nice new accessible vans that I'm getting good reviews about. If you stay at my condo Wheelers will also give you 5% off. Aloha

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    I had an unfortunate cancellation of my condo this morning so I now have a seven night opening from Sunday April 24, 2016 to Sunday May 1, 2016. This opening is still a couple months away so if you have any interest in going to Maui in the springtime please contact me at after this opening my availability is
    Saturday, June 11, 2016 to Saturday, July 9, 2016, July 16, 2016 to Wednesday August 31, 2016, Saturday September 10, 2016 to Wednesday October 12, 2016 and then finally Thursday October 27, 2016 to November 28, 2016. If you have any questions or have specific dates you're interested in send me an email and we can see what you can do to get you to the magical Island of Maui. Aloha Bruce
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    Hey Bruce, I'm ready for a return visit to your accessible condo. Can you give me a calendar of its availability? I'll check your website too. Thanks, Linda

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