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Thread: The Bright Side of Life

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    The Bright Side of Life

    One of the best parts about being a wheelchair guy? Free parking at the airport! Yup, since, makes meeting the cute Russian dudes quite easy (go international.) Gotta get yourself a dinersclub card to get access to those lounges

    Trump 2016! YEAH!

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    Overtaking people in shopping centres! So liberating. (The floors there... just so smooth...)

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    Passing road cyclists on my handcycle using the Powerpod. They always get a kick out of it and sometimes will fall in behind to get in the draft.

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    Reaching a closed door moments before an AB, who is obviously rushing to hold it open for me, then holding it for them!
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    Having a beautiful woman accepting a ride down the ramp on my lap.

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    Downhill wheelin'!
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    I never have to worry about finding a seat. Also it is super easy to impress people by grocery shopping.

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