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Thread: stimmaster galaxy help please

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    stimmaster galaxy help please

    I just bought a used stimmaster galaxy. Everything is set up and I can't get it to stay in run mode. After warm-up, it briefly goes to the runtime screen, then immediately to the coolddown mode screen. No errors like leads loose or anything. I have never used this thing before today and don't know where to start. How should I set up the thresholds and the stimulation signals to start with? I have the resistance at 0. The manual says to get your legs cycling up to 48 rpm during warm-up, then when the timer gets to 0, press start to go to the runtime mode, I do that but it doesn't get my legs moving and then I guess because I am not moving at 36 rpm, it goes into cool-down. Is there something I am missing? Do I need to keep my legs moving for a period of time after warm-up? It says stim=0%. Please help me with this. I know 1300$ is cheap for an fes bike and that I was gambling on it working right for me, but now I am broke and can't use it.

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    I'm not sure why it keeps going into cool down but let me know if you want to sell it. I need some parts for mine.

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