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Thread: Quad skydiving

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    Quad skydiving

    I'm going Friday!! But I have 2 concerns. I have very low blood pressure and am worried when we pull for the parachute if going up quickly will take all the blood away from my head

    also slightly afraid of AD if a strap. Pulls too much up there.

    Any experience anyone has had skydiving I'd love to hear about

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    I'd be more worried about the AD than low blood pressure. I imagine you're going to get flooded with adrenaline as soon as you leave the plane, so that should counteract any low blood pressure issues you have temporarily.

    You probably know how prone you are to AD better than anyone else, but I would err on the side of keeping the straps tight... they loosened up this old lady's straps for her "comfort" on the plane and forgot to cinch them back down.

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    Did you tell the place you're going that you are a quad? Some instructors are experienced in helping. The biggest problem is controlling your legs, so you have more fun in freefall and getting them up for landing.
    Remember to look at the camera and smile.

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