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Thread: disc brakes on a ZRA need input

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    disc brakes on a ZRA need input

    I need some input on how to do disc brakes on a ZRA

    Currently use E-motions, and among other things, these can help me brake going down hill, as I don't have the strength

    However it is a lot of weight and do/will have to change wheels when I want to use other things such as Firefly or Freewheel etc

    So I was looking at a Smart drive, but it does not help brake downhill, was thinking maybe the disc brakes could be the solution I could use, but not sure these would serve the function I am looking for

    any input ideas

    thx much

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    I don't know about the Firefly but I have a ZRA w/disc brakes and the Freewheel doesn't require any change. The variable lever works great for the hill assist. There is a little play when it's fully locked. It takes some adjustment but I like mine.
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    Are they ADI ? they are the only brand I have seen so far
    how do you like them? do they pretty much work similair to bike brakes when going down hill??

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    Yes ADI. All in all I like them. I have 2 kids that I'm always chasing around on bikes and my world is dirt and snow. The single lever allows me to use some break and then control with my hands on the rim. i'm a quad so these help with weak hands. Find yourself a good bike mechanic and expect to do some adjusting.
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    There was someone selling almost new ADI disc brakes for a 16" wide ZRA about 2 years ago. PM me if you want me to dig around for the info.
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    I've had my ADI disc brakes on my ZRA for almost 4 years now. They have required almost zero adjusting. Have had to replace the lever once, since the notch wore a little smooth and wasn't locking as positively, and now instead I've replacing the lever I've been able to just reshape the notch with my dremel to get it locking again. Down hills they help a ton; I'm a quad also. They don't always get me down the hill perfectly straight, but all it takes is slight pressure on one of the handrims to compensate. I'll never buy a chair with standard wheel locks again.

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    Did you use the Kit or have install done at ADI

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    Chair was paid for by insurance so I went through my local DME provider. Pretty sure ADI sent them the parts and they did the install.

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