So if all goes to plan I will be interviewing in some very cold places during December and January. Being a southern boy and lifelong student, I've rarely had the occasion to wear a suit (which I despise because of the way the jacket bunches when I push) and I've never ever written any kind of coat over a suit.

But if I get these interviews in places like Minnesota and Michigan in the dead of winter, I am going to have to buy an overcoat and figure out how to make it work.

Anyone have any experience wearing a nice overcoat in a chair?

From what I gather they are generally pretty long, so I was ending if I would be able to cut out the back so I wasn't sitting on it.

The whole thing just seems like it I'd going to be awkward, especially because most of these interviews I will be taking the coat on and off several times and transferring into unfamiliar vehicles while wearing it, but that is all beside the point.

Any advice or suggestions?