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Thread: difference between mineral oil & saline enemas.

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    difference between mineral oil & saline enemas.

    Anyone know the difference between fleets mineral oil enema & fleets saline enema? Does one work better than the other? Both say retain for 30 mins but previous carecure posts say an hour. Just want to verify before I start. I feel sick today & Im guessing its constipation related. I did my 2 senna, & stool softeners last night, enemeez this morning but no movements.

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    Depends on what is stopping you up. Mineral oil coats the poop, let's it slide out. Saline draws water into the bowl and softens the stool. If you are stopped up because of some medication I would go with saline. If you have normal and not hard butt dumplings mineral oil. You could also attack it from the other end. Dulcolax is a step up from senna and will get stuff out. I don't know your sensation level but I have often mistaken constipation for gas, and popped a couple gas-x (Simethicone) and things got better quickly. Maybe try that before you do something that keeps you in the bathroom for the next 8 hours.

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    When patient's are constipated and go to the ER most of the time they get a mineral oil enema. It seems to be most effective in people who are elderly or have disabilities (my experience).


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    Mineral oil enemas are designed to lubricate hard, dry stool, but do not increase peristalsis. You need to use some type of irritant for this...either from above (bisacodyl tablets, senna tablets, Miralax, mag citrate, etc.) or the use of a regular Fleets phosphasoda enema or soap suds enema to flush the stool out. Neither should be used on a regular basis; only as needed for severe constipation or impaction.


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    question how do you keep the water or enema up inside for an hour ? it goes in and out on me immedialtely

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    Lay on your left side as far over as you can. You may not be able to retain it for an hour, but hold it as long as you can.

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