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Thread: Best fiber supplment?

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    Best fiber supplment?

    I was just wondering what's the best natural fiber supplement you guys have had luck with? I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables but it doesn't seem to be enough. Thanks!

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    All Bran cereal....just be sure to drink plenty of fluids whatever fiber you select.

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    Sugar free Metamucil twice a day everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tprewitt View Post
    Sugar free Metamucil twice a day everyday.
    Yep. But as sasquatch below said, drink lots of water. If you do the Metamucil and don't drink enough you just get orange paste for poop.

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    Oatmeal for breakfast. Add berries, apples, bananas for variety. Corn must have tons of fiber. It looks the same coming out as going in. I make sure to to get non GMO corn because that is important to me. Organic is best and I freeze a bunch of it this time of year. I purchased the deep freezer long before SCI became a part of my life.--eak
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    Many people prefer fiber other than psyllium (Metamucil). Many here have reported success with ground flax seed (you can mix this into smoothies, casseroles, soup, etc. etc.) and some have used bran flakes. The later has gluten, so if you are gluten sensitive you might want to try the flax.


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    Also, oatmeal is actually only a middling source of fiber. Here are some good lists of fiber content in foods. Try to get in 30 gm. daily, but gradually add it and keep track, as for some people, certain types can cause excessive gas.


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    Suggest you look up Resistant Starch on google. Has helped me tremendously with severe constipation. Some are more effective than others for me. I currently use 4 tablespoons of plantain flour in a smoothie daily. Some people swear by unmodified potato starch. There are studies showing health benefits. Good luck.

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