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Thread: 35 yr f. what does it mean to have narrowing of the AP

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    Angry 35 yr f. what does it mean to have narrowing of the AP

    C-spine Mri
    A reversal of the cervical curvature is present contributing to a mild but relative narrowing of the AP dimensions of the central spinal canal at c3 through c6.
    Desiccation of the c2-3 through c6-7 disks as well.
    Posterior spondylosis is present at the c5-6 level asymmetric to the right superimposed on the reversal of the curature with secondary effacement of the ventral subarachnoid space and mild deformity of the central cord more so on the right with mild flattening of the ventral cord .

    The study is significantly degraded by motion artifact.

    Lumbar spine
    The study is degraded by motion artifact. Degenerative desiccation and mild decreased height of the L5-S1 disk with desiccation at T11-12 and T12-L1.
    Mild bulging of the L5-S1 disk is present with question of mild bulging at T12-L1 as well . Marrow degenerative type changes marginate the L5-S1 disk.

    ok a little history in feb of this yr I was in my second car crash rear ended while I was at a complete stop. the first car crash was in 07 and those mris was just one 2 mm bulge in c5-c6 and a 3mm bulge at L5-S1. with nerve dmg to left leg... this time I have both legs that hurt all the time cant hear out my left ear and also cant feel my right thumb. sharp hot pains go down both my arms and down between my shoulder blades. this study is really scary not sure what to think I have been to two different doctors they keep telling me to go to another person. I stay in pain all the time any help with be good.
    Thanks worried over here !!!

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    AP = anterior-posterior (front to back). Of course we can't do diagnosis-by-internet need to see the physician who ordered the MRI. It also may need to be redone since it looks like you moved during the study. You have to remain completely still. What type of physician are e you seeing? It should be a neurosurgeon.


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    no its just phyiso med. doc.
    the one that sent me to get it done was the er. I don't see a doctor until next yr. welcome to the new health care system. I'm looking for a nero that will see me but having a hard time finding one . I have uncontrollable twitching in my neck that is why their was movement in the MRI. I know yall cant DX me was just looking for input on what other people would do with these results. ty

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    Who is your primary care provider (PCP)? You may need a referral from PCP before proceeding to a specialist and to get the correct specialist. That is what I would recommend


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    ty for the reply back. I'm having another MRI done while I will be somewhat sedated in OCT . My pcp will be in jan. and I talked to the phyiso med. doc. she told me that they cant see the disk in my spine from c2-c6 and just a little in c7. so there not sure what part if not all r pressing my spinal cord. They were able to see that my c4-c6 is on top of each other. but imo that seems to be dangerous bc I do have all the nero problems to go along with it. but for the last I would say ten to twelve weeks I have been having problems peeing one to two times aday that is all and I'm always drinking . kidneys r fine. had a bmp done at hospital. and a cmp. it feels like I'm a bobble head doll with. no control of the twitching in my neck. she said as long as I don't get hit in the head that I should be fine to deal with the pain. that is what has me worried. I use to work for a nero doc back in 2007. but due to the fact I have no ins. I cant afford him. so that is why I'm looking outside of the back woods state I'm in. I'm not even sure what I would be classified as just a Spinal cord injury ?

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    went to another doctor today errr took xrays and it showed posterior and anterior osteophytes through out! was just told its not good and I need to find a nero surgeon LOL ! My question is why wouldn't a mri show Osteophytes but a simple xray does ?

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    MRI is best for showing soft tissues high in water content (muscle, nerves, spinal cord, brain, tendon, etc.). Xray is better for low water containing hard tissues like bone.

    Hope you are seeing a neurosurgeon (not a nerosurgeon).


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