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Thread: Small Car question

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    Small Car question

    My husband had to buy a new car and he bought his friends cheap 2000 MR2 Spyder. It is the tiniest convertible possible with barely enough room for humans much less my wheelchair and service dog. It doesn't even have a square inch behind the seats!

    So we obviously can't ride in the car together and go anywhere. If we needed to switch cars (I have a big SUV) because he needed to carry something big I couldn't even take his little car because my wheelchair won't even fit in the passenger seat it is so small and my service dog would have nowhere to ride.

    Oh, I have a TiLite ZRA if that helps...

    So my husband was trying to think of a cheap way that I would be able to use his car. His thought was a bike rack on the back that 'maybe' my chair could somehow be strapped to. I have NO idea if this would work but if it somehow failed there would go 6 grand and my way of getting around in life.

    I don't think we could afford to have a hitch put on and have some kind of attachment for my chair to sit on. We are super broke at this point with me out of work and all...

    Does anyone have any kind of idea of how we could get the chair safely attached to his little car?

    Chanda & Peregrine SDIT

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    Have you considered selling the MR2 and buying something more appropriate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanda View Post
    Does anyone have any kind of idea of how we could get the chair safely attached to his little car?

    Chanda & Peregrine SDIT
    Chandra, Have a look at this page - it may give you some ideas on how you can make it work.

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    that Mod is pretty great!

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    My bigger concern is that your husband bought a car, esp. when your money is tight, that can't accommodate your wheelchair!

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    My car is a SUV and is perfect for me. It also is a gas hog!

    I guess i should have have mentioned that our long time family business tossed us out and trashed the whole business for no reason leaving both my husband and I jobless and homeless, down one car and with out any retirement or a future business to inherit like what was planned. Super long horrible store.

    My husband was able to find another job and we found a place to live in a nearby town. We had only a tiny amount of money and a friend had owned the car since it was new so we knew it was taken care of and we paid him nothing for it. It was kind of our only quick option. We didn't have much time with losing everything at once like that.

    So I am jobless and money is TIGHT! We were looking for an easy and CHEAP way to be able to use his car on occasion or if mine is in the shop or something. Most of the time we just take my car.

    And, yes, my husband is a major narcissist and wanted a tiny little convertible that was cheap on gas and easy to park in the big cities he has to drive to all the time...

    i really want to avoid having to pay to have a hitch installed. I don't think my husband is going to be able to pull that off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    My bigger concern is that your husband bought a car, esp. when your money is tight, that can't accommodate your wheelchair!
    Sorry Chanda, these are my sentiments too. Life is too short to stick with a difficult, frustrating automobile, even if it's cheap/free. What about selling the SUV and using the proceeds to buy 2 suitable used vehicles?
    Sounds like you have many issues to deal with and hope you take on one at a time, doing what's best for YOU.

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    There's a trunk mounted luggage rack available for the MR2 but they're not cheap (unless you get lucky and find a used one on Craigslist). Looking at pictures of the 2000 MR2 I can't see many cheap options other than somehow strapping the chair to the trunk with motorcycle tie downs - but you might see your chair bouncing down the highway if a strap came loose.

    For bike racks this page may give you some options - link

    I know you've stressed that money is tight but it doesn't sound like you need his car immediately either. If it were me I'd wait until I could afford the receiver hitch carrier. It seems the safest way to transport you, your dog and your chair.

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    Well, sad news is that there is no way we are selling our cars. Mine is PERFECT for me and I actually bought it specifically so my wheelchair could be rolled up into the back and then I can hobble around to get in the car. It works about as perfectly as anything I could have imagined. We drove my Element until 230,000 miles and I was desperate to have an easier way to transport my chair as the back was too small. So we got the Pilot and it is perfect.

    Then we lost everything and my husband needed a car fast, his new work bought the car for him from our friend who took great care of it. My husband LOVES this car.

    My dad owns a company called Moss Motors and they sell british car parts. I looked on his website and found many luggage racks like this

    My dad already ordered us a new top for the MR2 through his company (we get it at his cost) because the top is full of holes so I bet he could order us a luggage rack for the back that would fit the MR2.

    The questions is will it work? My husband said he is totally fine having a luggage rack on the back which I actually thought was a bit of a shock being as difficult as he is. Now I just need to figure out how it would fit on one and how to attach it and make SURE nothing happens to it. It is WAY to expensive of a chair to risk damage. I had to pay cash for it...

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    This is a rigid chair rack that I've looked for ever since I saw your post originally. I like the concept, but like you, I fear for the safety of the chair staying on the rack, and I also worry that some looky-loo not paying attention would rear end it and there would go the chair.

    That rack seems to require that you either have someone load the chair, or be capable of hobbling around to the front. I haven't seen the rack anywhere else, and that site doesn't have any reviews, so that also concerns me.

    Something else you could consider is getting a wide enough toolbox to accommodate the chair. I don't know if that would be possible, but I remember years ago having the camper on the back of our pickup, and a toolbox in front (on a front hitch) for even more supplies - about 3 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft. That would be an actual box you could put your chair in (provided you could find one) -- and you wouldn't have to worry about whether chair parts would go bouncing down the road...all you'd need is to be able to load the chair into the box.

    You would have to check that the MR2 could handle a box of that type, though. It might weigh as much as the car!

    Hitch boxes
    Hitch box on vehicle (price is too high, look at the picture)

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